Recipes Do you like potatoes? What recipes of potatoes which you like so much? As having been known that potatoes can be the best food to be chosen. The nutrients of potatoes are the reason why this vegetable is chosen as one of the best food to be consumed. All people of all ages are able to eat potatoes so that the variation of potatoes recipe can be found easily. Then if you want to cook this food with simple steps actually microwave baked potato is a good idea. To know how to cook it, below is the complete explanation you can see.

Recipes Of Microwave Baked Potato

There is no need hard steps in cooking potatoes, now Microwave Baked Potato recipes can be a good idea for those who like this vegetable so much. What you need to be prepared is large russet potato, 1 tablespoon butter, Cheddar cheese, salt, pepper, 3 teaspoons sour cream. You need to prepare all the ingredients well so that you are able to cook this potato recipe well. The time to cook it is fast because you just need 12 minutes only in which 1 minute for preparation and 11 minutes for cooking.

The steps are easy as well and the first one is you need to scrub potato using a fork and then place it on a plate. After that you cook it in the microwave about 5 minutes, turn over and then you continue to cook it for 5 minutes. If the potato has been soft remove from microwave to season it with all ingredients having been prepared. Put the potato in the microwave again for 1 minute to melt the cheddar cheese. Serve it with cheese and sour cream. In short, this potato recipes is nice for those who are too busy.