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Health lifeHave you ever experienced insomnia? If you are, it must be so bad since it forces you cannot sleep well at night. Actually, this disorder has been faced by many people. Many people think that the problem of insomnia here is the same from one person to another. However, there are some types of insomnia faced by the sufferers. Thus for those who have insomnia as their problem, you need to know the types of insomnia below in order that you will find the best treatment to solve the condition.

Idiopathic insomnia

This type of insomnia usually starts when someone is still in his childhood and the disorder maybe can be continued to adulthood. The cause itself is the imbalance in the body hence it influences the sleep and awakening system.

Adjustment insomnia

Another type of insomnia is called as adjustment insomnia. This short-term disorder is caused by stress. The sufferers can have a normal sleep when they reduce the stress.

Behavioral insomnia of childhood

It usually occurs in children who cannot go to sleep unless there is the guardian like parents beside them. This type of insomnia can be treated actually.

Psychophysiological insomnia

In this type of insomnia, the sufferers cannot sleep well since they worry not to get enough sleep. This condition then causes people do not sleep at night. It can occur suddenly or maybe having been taken for years.

Disease-induced insomnia

For this type of insomnia, the cause itself is a mental health disorder. Maybe we can see that there is the person who has a mental health disorder cannot sleep well or even not go to sleep at night.

Paradoxical insomnia

For another type of insomnia, there is paradoxical insomnia. It can occur without any reason and they will not sleep for one night or more. The environment can cause this insomnia faced by people.


Health lifeNormal people want to have a healthy lifestyle and proportional body no matter would that means. This condition forces people to maintain the body at the ideal level to avoid the contaminations of some diseases and make them strong. Today, as the information technology becomes borderless, it will not be difficult anymore to find some guidance related to types of diet. Besides getting information from health magazines, people can get this stuff at the online sites easily.

Mayo diet is a popular method because it was firstly introduced by expert diet in America. Basically, this method suggests people reduce the salt intake in the body. Therefore, salt is forbidden to be put at mayo menus. The additional value this method offers is people do not need to avoid and choose certain products, they are allowed to eat anything unless they do not add some salt on menus for any reason. To make diet successful, people are also asked to drink much water. Salt inside the body will remove too and dissolved out through urine and fesses.

Diet 5:2 is another simple diet method. It is a combining diet whereas in five days people are allowed to eat but in two days people need taking fasting. Some researchers tell that it has a positive impact because can lengthen life, protect brain cell, and avoid the Alzheimer and cancer probability. But, because in two days body is not supported by meals, it will cause a headache, dehydration, sleepy, hard focus, and insomniac. Dukan diet is another popular diet that gives a hundred raw materials to the consumer. Naturally, it is low fat and carbohydrate but content high protein. Lean meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, vegetarian proteins, fat-free dairy products, and eggs are samples of allowed food to consume daily. The benefit value if people apply this method is they become free from hunger which is suitable for people in losing weight effectively.


Health lifeHigh heels is a best friend for all of that woman. By wearing high heels, your feet’s will looks sexier than you are using flat shoes or the other type of shoes. High heels also the good choices for those woman whose did not have high height. By wearing high heels it will make the feet’s of a short woman looks so long. But high heels is the saddest enemies for that pregnant woman.  Using high heels might make a woman looks more sexy and beautiful but high heels are not matched shoes that should be wear by a pregnant woman.

High heels could make pregnant woman easily fall. The tummy that will be bigger is the main reason of the dangerous that high heels could make. The bigger tummy could make a pregnant woman whose wearing high heels not balanced. Wearing high heels itself need more concentration and good balance, moreover if you bring your big tummy in the heels, it will disturb your balance and make you easily falls, falling for the pregnant woman is such a big bad accidents because it can cause any bad effects on the babies inside the tummy. Wearing high heels also make your backbone and your feet’s in pain if you wear those shoes for a long time, that’s why it’s forbidden for the pregnant woman, because without wearing any shoes, just bringing the babies inside tummy itself is already difficult.

Wearing high heels also could make your underside of bodies swollen after wearing the shoes for a long time. It’s risky for those people whose pregnant. High heels should be avoided by a pregnant woman in their pregnancy because it’s too risky and not healthy for the babies inside the tummy. For a pregnant woman, it’s better to use comfortable shoes that had not any pressure like high heels. For your comfy, you could use sandals or flat shoes that safety for your pregnancy.


Health lifeIt is a fact that human body is mostly consisted by water, and the rest of it is some other stuff like your organs and such. From that information, you have surely understood the importance of water for your body as it is the most dominant substance in your body. Not having the water enough for your body is simply a very bad idea as it will cause something really bad for you. You know the example of people who don’t get enough water in their life, they are getting dehydrated and simply don’t feel good for doing things in their life. So, in this article, everything that is related to water for your body will be discussed and hopefully, you learn something to change a bad habit that you did in the past and be a healthier person with this.

The first thing that you need to know is what kind of water you need to have in your daily life? It is a simple thing and you surely find the answer in your daily life, the fresh water. It is not coffee, tea, milk, or some other kinds of water, but the only fresh water that you can find it very easy. Those beverages are not fully needed in your body as they only cure the thirst in your body, but not filling the needs of the fluid needs of it. Then, how many glasses of water that you should drink in a day? This is surely a thing that is taking a lot of attention in our life. Many people believe that having 8 glasses of water in a day will make you stay hydrated. It is true, but don’t you think it is too much. Naturally, your body will react when you are in need of water, which is the thirst. So, when you are thirsty, drink some water until your thirst is gone, and you will be fine. With knowing those things, hopefully, you know something more about this and are a healthier person.


Health lifeEvery woman wants to be slim simply without worry. Commonly, some of them are influenced by their friend’s suggestion in how they maintain their weight until ideal. But, based on fact, some people have lack right knowledge related to how to maintain the body weight. They do diet and slimming program in a wrong way. As the result, they become too thin with some deficiency in the nutritional values. If this matter is not handled soon, it can cause some serious diseases and potentially make them unhappy. Here will be discussed some healthy suggestions related to how to lose weight simply and easily.

Simple Ways To Lose Weight

Basically, to maintain the weight is by measuring the both the calorie intake and expenditure. The calorie intake comes from the menu that people consume daily. Taking balance nutritional value is required. It means the meals should provide carbohydrate, protein, fat, mineral, and vitamin. In order to lose weight people should pay attention at the fat level. They are suggested to take less fat and choose the origin from the food material wisely. Besides that, taking the last meal two hours before they go sleeping is advised. Meanwhile, to determine the hunger and thirst sensation, they can take a glass of water and try to evaluate their feelings.

On the other hand, it will be useful if people do regular exercise to measure the total calorie expenditure daily. Somehow, some literature writes to burn fats it takes at least twenty minutes of sports action because of the first twenty minutes actually they burn the sugar in the body. As for avoiding the boring in doing sport, people can combine both the cardio and muscle training. These two options are used to keep the body weight balance and increase the weight muscle simultaneously. Taking sports twice or three times per week is essential to help them losing some weight.