donzhomeAre you wondering what is trending for the home interior in 2017? Fortunately, you come to the right page to discuss this one. Well, we can say that there is a new trend every year. When it comes to interior design, there are some home trends which are predicted to gain its popularity in this year. From decoration to the color you may have ever thought about may appear this year. Are you curious what kind of interior design which is trending right now? Read this following information to find out the answer.

What’s Trending For Home Interior In 2017?

Let’s begin with the color shade which is predicted to be popular in this year. When it comes to color, bright green seems to be the right candidate to win the trend. It is Pantone which suggests that greenery will become trends in home interior design for 2017. This color is supposed to represent revitalization and refreshment among the complex political and social environment this year. Then, butterflies seem to be another trend in interior design. It can appear as wall art idea or accent and pattern idea. The point is that something with butterflies is expected to be trending in 2017.

In addition to butterflies, mixed patterns are also trending for 2017. Considering that fashion has a huge influence toward home space design, mixed patterns appeared at NY Fashion Week may lead into the turn in interior design in 2017. The concept of mixed patterns must be highly anticipated by those pattern lovers. Moreover, there is also faux finishes which are considered to be trending in this year. In this case, we are not only discussing faux fur rugs. Faux finishes in this year can appear on other pieces of home space. Lastly, if you want to get another report about interior design, you should visit