Sweety Healthy Honey

Health careThere are many things to do to get a healthy life. To get the healthy life you should do some exercises and consume some nutrients food such as vegetables and fruits and don’t forget to add some vitamin to your body. There is a food that famous to be healthy food. A food that can be consumed every day without worries about the damage your entire body. What is that? Yes, you are right. It is honey. Honey is known as the healthy things in the world. Honey has more benefits every day you consume it. Honey contained 38,2% of fructose, 31,3% of glucose, 7,1% of maltose, 1,3% of sucrose, 17,2% of mineral, and the other nutrients ingredients. Honey is much thicker than water, its thickness is 1,36 kilos/liter which is as same as 36% thicker than water. By consuming honey every day it could fulfill nutrients that human’s bodies needed. So that your body will be healthier and always in good condition.

Benefits of the honey are reducing allergic and asthma because honey is a non-inflammation which is natural medicine to reduce allergic and asthma. Honey also raise up your stimuli so that it could restrain bacteria which might make you sick. It is also can be used for treat outside scars to avoid the bacteria. Inside honey, there are three things that human’s bodies needed which are mineral, vitamin, and acid. Those three are the agent to control your weight. It also good to be a medicine for a cough. You could make the honey tea that has been given a little lemon extract. Besides being the medicine for the inner bodies, honey also good for the beauty. You could use honey as the mix with coffee or tea and use it as the face mask. It could make your skin more dewy dawn chewy like a baby. It’s also good for the hair mask it could avoid fall off hair by using it as a hair mask after you’re clean your hair.

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