Sipping Breakfast Time

Health careNormally, the human need to take three-time meals, there are breakfast, lunch, and dinner. For breakfast, sometimes they take tea or coffee, cereals, porridge, toast, and many others. Breakfast is usually taken around seven in the morning. Today, as the business getting crowded, people do not have much time to take it. Then, there is also a popular issue by skipping this meal times, it is effective to lose some weight. In fact, nobody wants to get fat? A common question spreads then, what is the impact when people do not take breakfast in their daily activities? Here will be discussed related to this matter.

The Effects If Skipping Breakfast Time

Food which is contained carbohydrate playing a role as the source of energy. Especially in the morning after one night, the body is not supported by food, it becomes important. Skipping this meal will make the body weak. However, letting the stomach empty from food, it will make the production of gas increases significantly. Moreover, when this thing becomes a habit, for further terms, it could damage the body system. The hormone will work properly if the supporting food is in the enough amounts. Less food intake can make the hair loss; the cycle of woman menstruation could change irregular, and many other bad impacts.

On the other hand, if people especially a woman who really concerns with body weight should consider about the way to maintain it in better ways. Controlling the calories is something to do. Balancing the calories intake and expenditure is more suggested. It means certain amount of food should be taken daily at a normal value while the regular exercises need to be done too. By doing exercises, the energy will be burnt and removed from the body. This is a better suggestion regardless to skip the food, especially in the breakfast time.

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