High Heels For Pregnant

Health lifeHigh heels is a best friend for all of that woman. By wearing high heels, your feet’s will looks sexier than you are using flat shoes or the other type of shoes. High heels also the good choices for those woman whose did not have high height. By wearing high heels it will make the feet’s of a short woman looks so long. But high heels is the saddest enemies for that pregnant woman.  Using high heels might make a woman looks more sexy and beautiful but high heels are not matched shoes that should be wear by a pregnant woman.

High heels could make pregnant woman easily fall. The tummy that will be bigger is the main reason of the dangerous that high heels could make. The bigger tummy could make a pregnant woman whose wearing high heels not balanced. Wearing high heels itself need more concentration and good balance, moreover if you bring your big tummy in the heels, it will disturb your balance and make you easily falls, falling for the pregnant woman is such a big bad accidents because it can cause any bad effects on the babies inside the tummy. Wearing high heels also make your backbone and your feet’s in pain if you wear those shoes for a long time, that’s why it’s forbidden for the pregnant woman, because without wearing any shoes, just bringing the babies inside tummy itself is already difficult.

Wearing high heels also could make your underside of bodies swollen after wearing the shoes for a long time. It’s risky for those people whose pregnant. High heels should be avoided by a pregnant woman in their pregnancy because it’s too risky and not healthy for the babies inside the tummy. For a pregnant woman, it’s better to use comfortable shoes that had not any pressure like high heels. For your comfy, you could use sandals or flat shoes that safety for your pregnancy.

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