What Causes Recent Earthquakes

recent earthquakesAre you wondering what causes recent earthquakes in a certain region? In fact, there are some possible causes of earthquakes that happen so sudden. When numerous people live in a region prone to earthquake, understanding the causes of an earthquake is something important. Mostly, people do not recognize when an earthquake will hit. It is inevitable that this kind of disaster frequently happens without warning. However, it is still important for us to learn what kind of causes that can make earthquakes. Check this following information to learn more.

Find Out What Causes Recent Earthquakes

Actually, an earthquake occurs when Earth’s outer crust or layer broken into pieces. It is called as tectonic plates and when an earthquake occurs, it means that the plates constantly moving away from, past or towards each other. Then, since the continents are an element of the plates, they also follow the movement. Moreover, recent earthquakes that you may experience can also be caused by super weight rocks or other things that hit the land surface which then followed by plate movements. When it comes to being this way, it is considered as small earthquakes which usually do not generate any harm.

When we are talking about earthquakes, it surely is able to happen in any region. However, it is no secret that some regions are more likely to face it than the others. In this case, Pacific Plate becomes the most common region to get earthquake with 80% recorded issues. The interesting fact about this natural phenomenon is its vibration that can travel super fast. In this case, it can travel up to 14km per sec. For instance, there is fact that quickest seismic waves just need less than twenty minutes to reach the other side of our earth. Finally, you have known what does possibly cause recent earthquakes.

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